I was born in Belgrade (Serbia) in 1976. Before becoming a massage therapist, I was working in a night club for years. This was great, but also exhausting life experience. In the course of my inner-changing process, I discovered my gift for massage therapy.

I graduated from College for Sports & Health in Belgrade in 2007. I have previously completed a massage therapy course at certified school Professional led by Pedja Filipovic, a widely recognised massage therapist. Upon completion of a massage course and College for Sports & Health, I kept developing my gift for years, with my teachers and through practice. In light of my life challenges, I also gradually discovered my gift in bioenergy healing. I further developed this talent by working with bioenergy healer from Serbia, Mr Dragan Jelisavcic, who also became my teacher.

I am now very joyful and grateful because I do the job that I enjoy and I perform it with love, passion, and commitment. For the last nine years of my life I have been enjoying this fulfilling work and sharing serenity with my clients. I integrated all my knowledge and life experience into a holistic approach to life and health. My specialties are holistic massage, a mix of few massage techniques (Swedish, deep tissue, acupressure) and bioenergy healing that cures both body and soul. I am looking forward to meeting you and wishing you good health and inner peace.